Websites linked to the Taliban disappear from the Internet

Taliban in Afghanistan

New Delhi / Correspondent

Most of the Taliban-linked websites that spread the news of the victory in Afghanistan to the world through social media and the internet have suddenly disappeared from the internet. The reason for this, however, could not be clarified. This could be part of an effort to stem the spread of Taliban terrorist ideology. The Taliban's official websites in Pashto, Urdu, Arabic, English and Dari have disappeared from the Internet.

The websites were secured by Cloudfire, a San Francisco-based company. Attempts to contact this company have failed. Meanwhile, the Whats App has also shut down several groups linked to the Taliban. Facebook also shut down several accounts linked to the Taliban on Tuesday. Posts related to the Taliban are also not featured on YouTube. Twitter, however, has maintained accounts linked to the Taliban.

However, the disappearance of Taliban-linked websites from the Internet may be temporary. Aware of the importance of social media and the internet, the militant Taliban have taken up the task of setting up an alternative system, sources said.

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