Northern Alliance clashes with Taliban in Panjshir; 30 Taliban killed

Ahamad Masood

Kabul / News Agency

Although the Taliban have occupied almost all parts of Afghanistan, they couldn't enter in Panjshir. The Taliban, which is trying to infiltrate the province, is being fiercely opposed by the fighters of 'Panjshir Ka Sher' Ahmed Shah Masood. The Taliban have reportedly held 20 children hostage and told the Northern Alliance warriors  to surrender. 

In three districts of Panjshir's Baghlan province, the Taliban have not been able to hold their own due to the bitter opposition of the Northern Alliance. Once defeated, the retreating Taliban have resumed attacks on Banu and Andrab with new material. Eleven Taliban militants have been killed and seven others detained in a counter-attack by the Alliance. In addition, 19 Taliban militants have been killed in Kapisa.

Ahmed Shah Masood has expressed his determination to thwart the Taliban's attempt to capture Panjshir. Our warriors will not retreat. We also have soldiers who do not agree with the Afghan army's policy of hiding from the Taliban. We have the support of the general public. He also called on other countries to help us stop the Taliban.

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