'Fear of terrorist attacks like 9/11 around the world'

9/ 11

London / News Agency

The Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan has boosted the morale of terrorist forces around the world and could lead to a repeat of terrorist attacks like 9/11 anywhere in the world, warns Ken McCullum, head of Britain's MI5 intelligence agency.

The Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan has boosted the morale of terrorist organizations. So anywhere in the world; Al Qaeda-style terrorist attacks can occur, especially in Western countries. McCullum said in an interview that the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan and the collapse of the Afghan government posed a greater threat to Britain from the Taliban or other terrorist groups. 

The situation with the possibility of terrorist attacks does not change overnight. In the last 20 years, Britain has faced a number of terrorist attacks, with British authorities thwarting 31 terrorist attacks. No one can claim that Britain is completely safe because of the measures taken after the 9/11 attacks in the United States. He also said that more vigilance was needed in the wake of developments in Afghanistan.

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