Execution of alcohol: Running 400 km to reach lake in other country

Kurkul Lake

Kabul / News Agency

At present, there are only reports of Taliban, violence and killings in Afghanistan. However, the news from this country will not leave you without a smile on your face. It's about three drunken friends, their paychecks and the record they've run.

Jodi Brager, Gold and Gabe, three friends, were partying in some corner of the country, unnoticed by Taliban soldiers. They started betting and it was a pledge to keep a finger on the globe and run to where the finger would be placed. Intoxicated, the three friends started running. However, they continued there race without stopping even when they came clean.

Running for seven days in a row, they crossed the border of Afghanistan and reached the Bartang Mountains in Tajikistan. This part is considered to be one of the most remote and uninhabited places in the world. They stopped near Kurkul Lake and stopped their race. In these 7 days, they ran more than one marathon every day. This unique race of three friends has also been filmed by Sorsi Films.

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