Owaisi should prepare to go to Pakistan: Paramahansacharya

Asaduddin Owesi

Ayodhya / News Agency

Asaduddin Owaisi, the head of AIMIM, is trying to become another Jinnah by the politics of hatred. However, their conspiracies will not succeed. Therefore, Owaisi should prepare to go to Pakistan, said Paramahansacharya of the Tapasvi Chhavani here, criticizing Owaisi. He also warned that staying in India and cursing India would not be tolerated.

Paramahansacharya claimed that, Owesi's language is always full of hatred. He also demanded that India be declared as a Hindu Nation. He also said that the citizenship of Muslims who speak against the country should be revoked. He also said that Pakistan was created for Muslims at the time of partition.

Owaisi's program has been organized in Rudauli assembly constituency. Faizabad instead of Ayodhya was mentioned on the banner of the event. After that, the saints and locals of Ayodhya expressed their anger over this. Therefore, the text of the board was amended to be Ayodhya instead of Faizabad.

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