Defer the decision of charging exorbitant, unreasonable election expenses on small co-operative housing societies - MLA Ashish Shelar

ashish shelar

Mumbai : BJP leader MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar, today, demanded that the unjust decision of imposing exorbitant and unreasonable election expenses on 50,000 small co-operative housing societies with less than 250 members must be immediately deferred. He brought this to the notice of co-operation minister Balasaheb Patil vide a letter on Monday.

In his letter, MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar said that the co-operation department has directed that all co-operative housing societies, even those below 250 members will have to appoint an election observer from a panel of 340 government approved persons for conducting their respective society elections. Since the past few years I have been repeatedly trying to bring this to the notice of the government that the cost of such elections must not be an additional burden on the housing societies, especially the smaller ones. The then government had assured me that such unjust, exorbitant and unreasonable expenses will not be imposed on the societies. 

But the incumbent alliance government has imposed such additional costs on these small societies. We are opposing it once again.

As a result of this decision, nearly 50,000 co-operative housing societies in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region will have to incur huge expenditure on elections.

I came across a shocking instance from my constituency. For the recent election of the 40-member Bandra Co-operative Housing society, the government approved election observer charged Rs 21,000 to conduct the election. This fee included costs of two election assistants (one to conduct elections + one to count), Rs 3,000 as car fare and such other expenses. The society had to pay Rs 21,000 for the election that got done in just 10 minutes. 

With no limit or curb and imposition of these election observers, the 50,000 co-operative housing societies that are already struggling with the Corona pandemic will have to face additional burden and unfair high charges collected in the name of election expenses by these election observers.

Hence I demand that these changes must be immediately withdrawn by the government. Election observer must not be made mandatory for small co-operative housing societies with less than 250 members. 

Besides, I am appealing to the government to return all the charges levied by these election observers in the last three months to these societies, MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar stated in the letter. 000

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