Youth Congress activists throng outside Sibbal's house

Kapil Sibbal

New Delhi / Correspondent

Angry Youth Congress activists chanted slogans outside his  home over the sanctity of senior leader Kapil Sibal's criticism of the Gandhi family, the party's top leaders after the crucial situation of the Congress in Punjab, His car was also wrecked.

Capt Amarinder Singh, who felt humiliated by the decision of the Congress leadership to pursue Navjot Singh Sidhu against the influential and senior Congress leader in Punjab, Capt Amarinder Singh, resigned as the Chief Minister. This has led to a split in the Congress, which is in power in Punjab and is relatively capable in the state.

Elderly Sibbal, one of the 'disgruntled-23' leaders, while talking to reporters, without naming the Gandhi family, raised a barrage of questions on the party leadership. The party does not currently have an elected president. In such a situation, there is no way to know who is making important decisions in the party and how, he expressed his displeasure. Our disgruntled group of senior leaders is known as 'G-23'. He also made a scathing remark that it is not as 'Ji Huzoor-23'.

I will not be exhausted by such industries of workers. He will continue to talk about the issues that bother him, he said, adding that Punjab is a border state. The work of creating unrest in that place is done by Pakistan. Against this backdrop, more care needs to be taken in that state, Sibal said, following in the footsteps of Capt. Amarinder Singh.

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