Terrorist gang destroyed in capital: Six Arrested


New Delhi / Correspondent

A special squad of Delhi Police has carried out remarkable operations in three states and nabbed six terrorists who had received training from Pakistan. According to police, the militants may have come to India with the intention of carrying out terrorist attacks in the country during the festive season.

The militants, identified as Abu Bakar, Jaan Mohammad Ali Shaikh, Osama, Mulchand alias Lala, Zeeshan Kamar and Mohammad Amir Javed, were arrested from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Among them, Osama and Zeeshan have trained in Pakistan. Large quantities of arms have also been seized from them.

The militants had planned to carry out terrorist attacks on festivals like Navratra, Dussehra, Diwali and Ramlieea. Zeeshan and Osama moved to Muscat from India some days ago. From there they were taken to Pakistan. He is said to have had some Bengali speakers with him at the time. There they were trained for 15 days. They were then sent to India. Preliminary inquiries have also revealed that the two were linked to criminal gangs controlled by Anis, the brother of international underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, police said.

Intelligence agencies had informed the police that there was a possibility of a terrorist attack in the country during the festive season. Accordingly, a special team was appointed under the leadership of Pramod Singh Kushwaha. The squad has raided three states and destroyed the gang.

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