Not the Taliban; Take care of farmers interests; Mehbooba to the central government

Mehabooba Mufti

New Delhi / Correspondent

Rather than caring for the Taliban regime and the people of Afghanistan, the Modi government is concerned about the problems facing the country's citizens; Mehbooba Mufti, head of the People's Democratic Party, told the Center that the interests of farmers should be taken care of in particular.

The Bharatiya Janata Party government has made life difficult for the citizens of the country. Farmers have been sitting on the roads for the last nine months in the summer and rains. However, the government is not ready to pay  attention to them, Mehbooba told reporters.

The Taliban are there in Afghanistan. Why do we have to talk about them more? You have many issues to worry about. The biggest issue is the peasant restlessness.  There is the issue of partition of Jammu and Kashmir. Discuss the rampant corruption and lack of development in all sectors, she told the Modi government.

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