No more getting rid of the mask for another year: Dr. Paul

Dr V K Paul

New Delhi / Correspondent

The use of masks is required for at least another year and the use of masks will not be stopped till the year 2022. Member of Niti Ayog Dr. V K Paul explains. He also said that effective medication and adherence to social norms are needed to effectively fight corona pandemic. 

Proper management of vaccinations, medication and social discipline is needed to control corona, and citizens will have to do it voluntarily. The possibility of a third wave of corona in the country cannot be ruled out. Therefore, it will be important to take special precautions, especially during the present Festive Season. This time is going to be more delicate for us, Dr. Paul realized.

The possibility of a third wave of corona cannot be ruled out. Efforts are being made to develop herd immunity through vaccination to combat corona. Noting that it is everyone's responsibility to protect themselves from the epidemic and to protect themselves, he also expressed confidence that all Indians would stand united in this. 

Asked whether the government has been asked to impose stricter restrictions to curb the spread of corona during the Dussehra Diwali festival, Dr Paul said that in principle, some restrictions should be put in place to curb the spread of corona. However, in large and festive country like India, it is doubtful how effective it will be. People need to voluntarily adhere to social bonds more, he added.

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