Modi's idol removed from temple: Directions by PMO

PM Narendra Modi

Pune / Correspondent 

An idol of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been removed from a temple erected by Modi devotees in Aundh area. The idol has been removed as per the instructions from the Prime Minister's Office. The city BJP has already clarified that the Bharatiya Janata Party has nothing to do with the construction of the temple.

BJP activist Mayur Munde has built this temple in his own place through Namo Foundation. Prime Minister Modi has done important work in the interest of the country, such as repealing Article 370 from Kashmir, building a Ram temple in Ayodhya. Munde had said that he had built the temple to pay homage to him.

Many people came to this temple along with Modi's supporters only out of curiosity. The construction of this temple has been criticized by many. Opponents in particular took the BJP to task over the issue of the temple. Opposition group also agitate on the Modi temple issue.  

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