'IT Hub' Bangalore has become a hub for language diversity


Bangalore / Correspondent 

An analysis based on the data from the 2011 census has revealed a characteristic factor. The city of Bangalore, known as the 'IT hub' of the country, has also gained a reputation as a hub for language diversity.

A recent analysis of census data shows that as many as 107 languages ​​are spoken in Bangalore. It includes 22 scheduled and 84 non-scheduled languages. This information has come from the analysis done by Prof. Mudat Kapoor and Shamika Ravi, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution,

Bangalore has the highest number of Kannada speakers at 44 per cent. It is followed by Tamil at 15 per cent, Telugu at 14 per cent and Hindi at 6 per cent. Analysts said that all languages ​​were included in the census, regardless of which language was spoken. They also claimed that diversity of languages ​​creates dynamism in the society and its economic consequences are visible. After Bangalore, Dimapur in Nagaland has the highest number of 103 languages ​​spoken. 101 dialects are spoken in Sonitpur, Assam.

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