Bureaucracy picks up our slippers: Uma Bharti's controversial statement

Uma Bharati

Bhopal / News Agency

The juicy talk of political leaders use to dance over the tunes of bureaucrats continues, but the fact is that the bureaucracy does not have the power to do so. On the contrary, we political leaders are fulfilling our political aspirations through bureaucracy. 

The bureaucracy picks up our slippers and we let it do so, in the words of Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Union Minister Uma Bharti, who has taken the lease of relations between bureaucracy and political leaders. His statement has caused a stir in political circles.

There are rumors that politicians use to dance over bureaucrats tune. However, ask me what the facts are. I have served as the Chief Minister of the State. Claiming that she has been a minister in the central government for 11 years, Uma Bharti told reporters that there is nothing like a bureaucracy. The bureaucracy does nothing of its own accord. They don't have that much ability. Any decision, policy is discussed with us first. The bureaucracy then paints the relevant documents accordingly. We pay the bureaucrats. We appoint them. Transfers- promotes. Some time demotes them. In fact, we do our politics through bureaucracy. 

The Congress has strongly criticized Uma Bharti's statement. K K Mishra, the media chief of the state Congress, has demanded that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan should clarify whether government officials really pick up the slippers of leaders. He also criticized Uma Bharti's statement as shameful. Bureaucracy is an important part of democracy. He also said that it was inappropriate to insult them.

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