Comedian Bharti Singh's tips for getting fit instead of fat

Bharati singh

New Delhi / Correspondent

Nowadays everyone wants to be fit and look attractive. Many people try many remedies to lose weight. It covers everything from exercise, gym to diet and medicine. Of course, instead of benefiting from this, many people turn to rubbing their foreheads due to side effects. Comedian Bharati Singh is giving special tips for self-experience to really lose weight by staying away from such maze.

Bharti has lost 15 kg in the last few years. After reducing her weight from 91 kg to 76 kg, she has published her photo on social media. If you don't love yourself, no one will love you, says Bharati, who wonders about losing weight. "I can't believe I lost so much weight," she says. You too can lose weight by taking inspiration from her.

* Intermittent fasting is the secret of Bharati's weight loss efforts

* Bharti eats dinner before 7 pm and does not eat anything from 7 pm to 12 noon the next day.

* Lunch at 12 noon.

* She exercises regularly, seven days a week.

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