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Taliban in Afghanistan

By Bhaga Warkhade : The day of forming the government has not yet come even after the auspicious time of the government coming to power in Afghanistan. Taliban took over Afghanistan 15 days ago. But, the government has not yet been successful in setting up. There are so many reasons for that. Even if they take power, Taliban does not have money to run the government. America is not ready to pay what America has. Stocks of foreign currency are out. The second and equally important reason is related to India. Taliban itself has disputes over relations with India. One Taliban spokesperson says no extremist organization will be allowed to use Afghanistan's land, while another is warning India on issues of Muslim interest. In the last 15 days, Pakistan has repeatedly mentioned its ties with the Taliban and warned that it will liberate Kashmir with the help of the Taliban. A Taliban spokesperson's statement about Muslims is important in the background. India has to look seriously at another incident in that too. That is a visit to Afghanistan by Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid, chief of Pakistan's Intelligence Agency (ISI) before the Taliban government was announced. No representative of any country, no representative has visited Afghanistan after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. On this background, many questions are being raised on ISI chief's meeting in Kabul. Former Afghanistan MP Maryam Solemankhil said the ISI chief has come to Kabul to make the leader of the terrorist organization the head of the Taliban government and prevent Mullah Abdul Ghani Bardar from becoming the chief. There are differences between Taliban group and Mulla Bardar on many issues and Bardar had kept his people away from the ongoing war in Panjshir. Before Maryam's statement, there was an arrest that Mulla Bardar would be the head of the Taliban government. Taliban to announce a new government next week. Taliban leaders were preparing to form the government on Friday, but formation of the government was postponed after a war with a group of rebels in Panjshir.

Taliban spokesperson Jabiullah Mujahid said our leaders are preparing to give the international community a comprehensive blue print of a stable government. Hence, the decision to form the government will now be taken next week. Pakistan is encouraging the Taliban. Pakistan has helped the Taliban. So now India will have to keep an eye on Pakistan's role. The role of terrorist organizations like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toyba in Afghanistan is worrisome.

Taliban are trying hard to establish a government in Afghanistan. However, the entitled network needs an important role in this government. It's going to be a sensation. On the other hand there are differences between the Taliban and the entitled network on the Kashmir issue. Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said he would not speak on the Kashmir issue as an internal issue of India. However, later under Pakistan's pressure, Suhail Shaheen took a U-turn and stated that he has the right to raise voice for Muslims in Kashmir. A statement was made by Hakkani Network after Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen played a role in raising voice for the rights of Muslims in Kashmir. Hakkani Network head Sirajuddin Hakkani's brother Anas Hakkani said the Hakkani network will not interfere in India's Kashmir issue. India has helped our enemy for the last 20 years. However, we want to forget all this and further our relations with India. Any kind of interference on India's Kashmir issue is against the right network policy. There is a difference in the policy of both groups on the Kashmir issue. Maybe this is why the formation of a government in Afghanistan is delayed, there is a doubt. Previously, the Taliban leader has met the Indian ambassador in Doha, Qatar. On the other hand, the terrorist organization Hakkani Network, which joins power with the Taliban, also spoke about its ties to India. Sometimes these two organizations speak in the same tune, and sometimes against each other. That's why India needs to be more aware. The Pakistani intelligence agency is working on ISI's warning, says it will not interfere in the Kashmir issue. This is the same terrorist organization, which attacked the Indian embassy in Kabul by suicide. So, how much can you trust the statements of the entitled network, is the question. In an interview with CNN, brother of Sirajuddin Hakkani, head of Hakkani network, Anas Hakkani said that we want better relations with India. Any kind of interference in Kashmir is against our policy. We will not interfere in this matter. This terrorist organization is known for working on the warning of Pakistan. Experts fear after the Taliban came to power, the rightful network is a major obstacle between India-Afghanistan ties.

Be it the rightful network or the Taliban, the words of both cannot be trusted so quickly. The Taliban has said it is dependent on China for funding. Because China is his most trusted friend. On the other hand, Taliban's allies rights network and Al Qaeda talked about liberating Kashmir and other so-called Islamic lands from the enemies of Islam after conquering the Taliban. The interference of countries like China, Pakistan is clearly visible in Taliban's power. In such a situation, these countries can use Taliban and rightful networks against India in future, it can not be denied.
Although the entitled network has been part of the Taliban since 1996, it has a distinct identity for brutality and fighting. The right network is very strong economically. East Afghanistan has the highest influence of rights network. His parallel government runs in North Waziristan of Pakistan. The organization's initiatives have grown tremendously over the past few years. In 2015, the current head of the network Sirajuddin Hakkani was appointed as the Taliban deputy leader. Sirajuddin's younger brother Anas was once in Afghanistan jail. He was sentenced to death in the Afghanistan government of that time. He discussed with former President Hamid Karzai and former CEO Abdullah-Abdullah after the Afghanistan government fell. The rightful network is said to have been a hand in some deadly attacks in Afghanistan in recent years. Many citizens, government officials and foreign soldiers lost their lives in these attacks. Rightful network supports Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI. ISI is lobbying for Sirajuddin Hakkani to get an important role in the Taliban government. That's why the head of Pakistan's intelligence department has entered Kabul.000

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