Pune : Frequent changes in GST law, Denial of the Input tax credit, No revision of GST Return allowed, midnight rain of Notifications, Excessive power to authorities for cancellation of registration and Blocking of ITC, Rigid approach of government against professionals and Trade, Portal issues, MCA issues for many such demands, tax practitioners from across the country protesting against staged demonstrations in front of GST Bhavan.

One Nation-One Tax-One Return, Helpdesk Helpless such slogans shook the premises of GST Bhavan today. For the first time in history, tax practitioners , traders, chartered accountants, and other stakeholders from across the country came together to protest. The Western Maharashtra Tax Practitioners  Association, Pune led by The All India Protest Committee staged a protest in front of the Goods and Service Tax Department, Income Tax Department etc. headquarters across the country on Friday.

In Pune, the protest took place in front of the GST (old excise office) office near Wadia College. At that time President of  The Western Maharashtra Tax Practitioners Association, Pune, Shri Vilas Aherkar, National Coordinator, Shri Narendra Sonawane, Coordinator,  CA Swapnil Munot, Mentor of Tax Advisors Govind Patwardhan, Sharad Suryavanshi, Navneet Lal Bora, Sukrut Deo, Mahendra Pitalia of Traders Association, CA Dr. Ashok Kumar Pagaria was also present.

Narendra Sonawane said, “Tax practitioners in India, all small and big traders, entrepreneurs have to comply with the tax laws. They are under stress that the process should be done properly. Law enforcement has to do all the work itself. In the last three to five years, the provisions of the tax system have become more and more oppressive. Taxpayers cannot be held accountable. Therefore, every year the government imposes the burden of complicated provisions and fulfillment on honest taxpayers. It is full of small, medium honest traders. We protest against the implementation of this unfair tax law. The protest has received a spontaneous response from across India, with many trade unions taking part.”

“In various parts of the country, the representation was given to Member of parliament and request them to raise this issue in parliament. We have also given the same representation to the Chief Commissioner of GST. This representation will be handed over to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman soon. Taking note of this historic protest, the Central Government should understand the problems of traders, tax advisors, chartered accountants, and other stakeholders and make appropriate changes in the implementation of GST. We urge you to continue the changes you have made.” said Shri Vilas Aherkar.

“All tax advisers, chartered accountants, wear black clothes and black ribbons to protest against the oppressive provisions of the law. Provisions for compliance with tax laws on small and medium traders should be reduced and simplified. In the law and form changes will be made on April 1 of every year, and there will be a procedure of amendments made. Tax advisors are the middle person between the government and traders/entrepreneurs. The workload on tax advisors and chartered accountants has increased. The central government should take appropriate steps to reduce it.” said CA Swapnil Munot.



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