Phixman’s Service is Now Available in Pune

The Grand Launch of 96th store in Pune


Amidst the Pandemic, PHIXMAN TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd did not lose hope and hence, did not give up, but ended up landing in Pune turning the calamity into a favourable circumstance by providing the people around those areas a reliable name to get their phones repaired from the newly opened stores of Phixman in Pune.

The Grand Launch of 96th store in Pune happens on 7th January 2021 respectively, involving the presence of the family members of the store owner only. Even the Family members took every precaution they could, by wearing masks inside the store and using sanitisers and other necessary cleansers to maintain the sanitation and hygiene in the store, though proper hygiene is maintained at the store at regular intervals of time, each small step counts and matters.

The launch was done taking all the necessary precautions in the presence of close friends and family members. This couldn’t be possible without the support and belief of the owner of the store Hiren Kumar and of course every individual of the team Phixman, who worked hard even after not being at their respective workplaces, but effectively working as ever before, making the launch possible.

Phixman Technologies made an inspiring move motivating all the firms and companies who completely lost hope in these difficult days, by setting an example that nothing is impossible if you are willing to make it work.



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