Dr. Ketan Talsaniya’s journey is a story of determination and  conviction. It’s about how a person from humble beginnings with limited means and exposure, has become a prominent name in Paranormal Vaastu in India and abroad.

He was born in Dhandhuka Taluka about 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in a middle-class family. His father was a government servant and mother a housewife. His parents wanted him to study and get a good job. Dr. Ketan went on to become an electronics engineer.

The saying, “One line in a book can change your life,” proved true in his life. An instance that occurred when he was eight years old, left an indelible impression on him. It was the festival of Holi and they were celebrating it by burning the pyre. An elderly woman was carrying food in a vessel. The children, one of whom was Dr. Ketan, approached the lady and asked for some food. Indian culture has always been about sharing and giving. We view children as the representatives of God. However, the lady had something other than this charitable belief on her mind.

She humiliated the children and hurt them with her rude comments. Dr. Ketan felt that he was treated in this manner because he came from such a humble background. Right then, he resolved to create an identity of his own. He decided that he would achieve great heights where people will come to him for guidance and help. However, the big question was, what would he do to become great?

Napoleon Hill said, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire.” Dr. Ketan kept alive his desire to achieve greatness. Even after he became an engineer, his desire for greatness continued. Yet, he still had no idea how he was going to achieve it.

One of the qualities of an engineer is having an analytical mind. Dr. Ketan was curious about knowing new things. He came in touch with a person who read books on Astrology and Vaastu. He became curious about these subjects. No one in his family ever had anything to do with the occult sciences. As he explored the subject, his interested deepened. He started analysing the daily events in his life in terms of Astrology and Vaastu.

Why did that person speak to me in a rude manner? 

What were the planetary positions due to which these things happened?

When he visited someone’s house, other questions came to his mind. Why is this family having financial or health problems?

He looked for answers to these questions in Astrology and Vaastu. The more he read, the more involved he became. He always felt that there was a super power or a guiding force, indicating things to him.

There are times when the property is Vaastu-compliant, but the residents of that property are having financial, personal or health problems. He began his research into these matters.

What is wrong and where? 

At this point in time, he came across Paranormal Vaastu. He undertook extensive research on industrial and residential properties and wrote a thesis on ” An effect of Paranormal Activities in Vastu, and he received the degree of Doctorate in Vaastu Science.

He is an inventor of Paranormal Vastu. After that, there was no stopping to him. Dr. Ketan has many World Records and Awards and appreciation to his name, such as:

Certification of Appreciation form Republic National Committee, U.S.A Presidential Advisory Board for Indian Ancient Science/Vedic Science Subjects and Holding World Records.

Letter of Appreciation from the Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports of the Government International United Kingdom Association Commonwealth (A Commonwealth Nations) for Inspirational personal, World Record Holder and Mentor Ancient Science subjects.

Certificate of Appreciation from Presidential Advisory Board of the United States of America for Promoting Humanity and Peace.

Honorary Doctorate, Ambassador for Development and Peace, Peace Ambassador, Doctor of Excellence, World Peace Ambassador etc. titles honoured by esteemed organisations of the countries like United States of America, Morocco, Brazil, Nigeria, Canada, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines.

World Records:

“Bravo International Books of World Records” holder for “India’s First Scientific Paranormal Vaastu Consultant.

“Ace Astrological Science Trainer” Tilted by Bravo International Book of World Records.

“Asian World Record” holder for the First Asian to achieve Doctorate in Vaastu Science for Paranormal activity in Vaastu by Asian Talents Promotion Forum.

“India Star Book of Records” Holder for First Asian to achieve Doctorate in Vaastu Science for Paranormal activities in Vaastu.

“OMG Book of Records” Holder for First Asian to achieve Doctorate in Vaastu Science for paranormal activities in Vaastu.

“World Record India” Record holder for First Indian to achieve Doctorate in Vaastu Science for Paranormal activity in Vaastu.

“Cholan Book of World Records” Holder for First Asian to achieve Doctorate in Vaastu Science for paranormal activities in Vaastu.


“International Lifetime Achievements Awards” winner of the year 2018 for dedicated research on Vaastu Shashtra by Anand Gurukul at Malaysia.

“Genius Indian Achievers Award” winner of the year 2018 for Educational Genius by Genius Foundation.

“Geniuses Extra-Ordinary Talent Award 2018” Holder to the first Asian to achieve Doctorate in Vaastu Science for Paranormal activity in Vaastu by Geniuses World Records.

“Sankalp se Siddhi Award” 2018 Holder for Excellent in Vaastu by Hope & faith Foundation and Shuruaat, Delhi.

“Indian Star Personality Award” 2019 Holder for First Asian to achieve Doctorate in Vaastu Science for Paranormal activity in Vaastu by India Star book of records.

“India Star Passion Award” 2019 holder for Research and Educational work by India star Book of records.

“Indian Star Icon Award” 2019 holder for Educational and Social work by India Star Book of Records.

“India’s Rising Star Award 2019” holder for Vaastu Education and Research by Indraprasth educational Research & charitable Trust and Youth India Development Board.

“Excellent Teacher Icon Award 2019” for Research and Educational work by Uttar Pradesh book of Records.

“Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee National Excellence Award 2019” for excellence work and outstanding performance in Vastushashtra by Youth India Development Board.

“India Star Proud award 2019” for Research and Educational Work by India Star book of Records.

“Extraordinary Talent Award 2019” Holder by Geniuses World Record.

“International Icon Award 2020” Holder for Research and Educational work by Uttar Pradesh Book of World Records.

“Kalki Gaurav Sanman 2020”, by Kalki News and Foundation.

“International Excellency Award 2020” for Vastushashtra by Operant Incorporation and Operant Pharmacy Federation at Mumbai.

“Prabhat prestigious Award 2020” by Sindhu Prabhat News and CBG Edu. International.

“24 Time Excellency Award 2020″ and Recognised as ” National Icon ” by 24 Time News and Entertainment for Extraordinary achievement in Vaastu Shastra and World Records.

“URF Global Top Talent Award 2019” by URF World Records P. Ltd, in Association of Martial Arts Authority of India, Official World Record Spain, Barcelona and         Georgian Records Federation.

“India Star Golden Award 2020” for Research and Educational Work by World Record Solution P. Ltd. etc.

Dr.  Ketan provides Vastu consultancy for Industries, Corporate, Residence and Paranormal Vaastu services to properties in India and abroad.

Passion, perseverance, dedication and the blessings of God have made him achieve such great heights.

His mission and vision is that those houses which have been built by the people by putting their life-capital and if it claims to be haunted then there is a huge loss for owner as well as the government of that country.

His thinking is for world peace and humanity that no house in this beautiful world made by God, should not contain any atmosphere of desolation, sadness and negativity in any building. Every house should be full of happiness and every people of the country should be living with experience of auspicious ceremonies. May all be happy, healthy. May all dwellings and people living in those houses remain safe and peaceful.

Today he is working to increase the spirits and motivate the talent of people in the society,

Also give a help hand to someone who need help, and also feeding people with happiness of giving.


Follow your dreams, desires and goal with Dedication, Determination, Social aspects and honesty. Keep hard working on it, do compete with yourself to do better than yesterday, don’t compete with others.

When you compete with others, then you are likely to generate jealousy and hostility, which can cause your failure and cause change in your aim and direction of purpose of life.

“Success is just around the corner.”



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