A humble cotton bag and even humbler, the person behind it have truly made the world move towards a greener way of life. Not with any roaring revolution, not by some aggressive moves; but with strong determination and great conviction this ‘Bag-Man’ of India is taking people to betterment, driving women empowerment while doing good to mother nature. Let’s know more about Dinesh Gupta, and his inspiring journey as a simple yet confident village boy to a successful entrepreneur. Let’s get some insight about how his positive attitude and desire of standing out in crowd changed the world for him and for many others as well.

Gupta always has a remarkable instinct of doing something different than others. He never wanted to be a sheep in a flock and follow others blindly. He wished and chose his own pathways. That is the reason he chose to be a computer programmer in 80’s when computers were new to India and very few people used to choose it as career. After spending some time in this line and after accomplishing some challenging jobs, Mr. Gupta had a thought of doing own business. Here again his instinct of doing something ‘hatke’ did not leave him alone. As he thought of Garment import-export, he didn’t wish to go by conventional and trusted route of exporting goods like Ladies garments or ethnic wear or something like that. After lot of brain storming he came up with an idea of making and exporting cotton shopping bags. Bags, those can be a good replacement for single use plastic bags which is the biggest threat to the environment. 

Now, even a common citizen knows about the hazards a plastic bag can cause. It is a threat to water bodies, fertile soil, animals, sea creatures and even human lives. However, when Mr. Gupta thought of working in this direction, this awareness was quite little. In western countries people had started understanding the need of reducing plastic use, but in India plastic bags were sighted as convenience and were largely popular. Gupta could sense the need of this awareness and was determined to opt this as his business. Gupta bagged his first order from Canada and executed it with no funds in hand but with skill of negotiations and grit. This was the foundation moment of Sekawati Bags. This company surely takes pride in telling that Debco Bags, Canada who started working 27 years ago and, their first customer is still connected to it. This consistency is a result of quality, punctuality and standing strong with great values. Sekawati has an array of products like shopping bags, tiffin bags, school bags, sacks, shoe bag, packaging bags, laundry bags and what not. Every product is eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable; promising a greener future to our coming generations.

Yes, you can call Gupta a man of values. Businesses are for making money, but not at the cost of exploiting others. In fact, if the people involved in your business grow, your business grows more and Gupta knows it well. He also believes that whatever you do in your life, good or bad, comes back to you in multiples. This is what we call as ‘Law of Karma’. This is the reason, he can proudly say that, we at Sekawati, never follow unfair practices, never disobey any rules and regulations and never create any harm to environment by our products or by the process of making the same. As they use 100% eco-friendly natural cotton raw material and there is no water wastage in the production. On the other hand, Sekawati has supported a number of under privileged women to make their livelihood. Company has also distributed sewing machines free of cost to make them able to work and has uplifted lives of many families. Especially during this pandemic, while thousands are losing their jobs and earning sources, Sekawati is strongly backing lakhs of women by providing stitching work to them at their homes. The wheel of their sewing machine continues to keep their families run smoothly. This stands by the real meaning of women empowerment. 

Sekawati, majorly exports its production. However, company understands the need of increasing use of biodegradable bags in our own nation. Our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji has also launched nationwide initiative to stop use of single use plastic and in this context, single use plastic free India campaign was launched by MP CM Shri Shivraj Singh and he not only appreciated Gupta’s efforts but also tweeted from the tweeter account of his office. Gupta is happy to go with this campaign and takes initiative in free distribution of cotton bags and spreading awareness about the same. He has been doing this for long now. He is connected with many organizations dedicated to social welfare. Through these clubs, organizations or even independently, he often conducts such awareness drives. Moreover, he contributes in serving homeless, poor people, providing food to the needy and many more noble deeds. 

Roots of the social work by Gupta go back to his childhood where he grew up seeing his father serving selflessly for the villagers. ‘Sanskar’ is an important aspect of our lives. It penetrates deep down in our persona without even knowing about it. No wonder, Mr. Gupta stood out with his incredible work in saving environment and serving the society. His silent and steady work had to get acknowledge at various platforms. In a journey of making more than 1.5 billion of bags and setting a world record in numbers, he has won the title of ‘Bag Man of India’ by FORBES in their recent June 2020 issue. He also has won prestigious award of as worldwide achievers and business leader and Rajasthan Gaurav Award in 2019.

Gupta’s containment reaches to accomplishment as his wife always stood rock steady behind him and now both of his children have joined him in carrying on his legacy after completing their higher education abroad. He is undoubtedly a visionary man. He believes that if people get cotton or eco-friendly bags easily and at cheaper rates, they will minimize use of plastic bags. He dreams of installing bag vending machines at places where they are mostly needed like shops, malls, bus stands, railway stations, hospitals etc. Until now, with his positivity, confidence and genuine hard efforts; Mr. Gupta has turned every dream into reality. Who knows next time when you go shopping, you will just drop a coin or to in the vending machine and get a nice Sekavati bag ready to keep your stuff. That time, please don’t forget to remember this Bag Man of India and pay gratitude to him.



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