The primary investment market for shares and securities, where companies launch their initial shares to get listed in the stock exchange of India is not a new process for many. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) market is very huge and of course, a beneficial method for the investors to get into a position of investment, where they can get huge returns, either on short term or long term basis. But, not a lot of resources are present which can ease the investment process and knowledge process for the IPO investors in the nation, making it easy for an IPO Investment journey. To bridge the gap between these IPO companies and optimistic investors, IPO Corner has come up with its services. 

IPO Corner is a young startup that has been begun by a young and renowned entrepreneur, Vedant Goel, who is well-known for his entrepreneurial journey in various sectors of the nation. Not limited to it, the founder of IPO Corner, Vedant Goel is also an active angel investor and advisor for the branding needs of most of the renowned brands in India. Let’s know a bit of deep info on IPO Corner and its workings. 

Know the Founder 

 As mentioned above, the founder of IPO Corner, Vedant Goel is a very young entrepreneur of India, who is already the owner of a few more startups in various other sectors. Vedant started his journey of entrepreneurship when he was just 16 years old. At the time of keeping his mind busy for various other socializing or gaming activities, he focused on beginning his startups and enters the world of business. With a lot of struggles, failures, and practical experience, Vedant is now heading a bunch of startups as founder and co-founder and has also been awarded Limca Book of World Records for his achievement in the nation’s social cause. 

How IPO Corner was founded? 

The idea of starting IPO Corner grasped his mind, when he saw few loopholes in the IPO industry, where investors or traders could not find an appropriate platform to learn about IPOs, recently launched IPO, or the company process. This is the biggest loophole if seen because if an investor is not getting appropriate investment or learning on how to invest, it’s a big thing that needs to be corrected. As a fact, out of the total population of India, merely just 10% of people invest successfully in IPO and what about the rest 90%. Due to a lack of knowledge and resources, they cannot even invest with a trustworthy factor, which is a better prospect for any startup regarding IPO. 

Holding on this point and having a view to serve the investors in a better way, IPO Corner has been launched. The biggest achievement of IPO Corner to date is that, within the launch period of one year, the company has achieved a huge milestone in helping and serving thousands of investors and traders with the queries and services of IPO Investment in India. 

The Main USP of IPO Corner 

A startup without a USP cannot survive in the competitive market, whatever is the industry. The fact is that successful entrepreneurs and mentors work on identifying a gap in the market. After identification, filling the gap in the market, and addressing the needs of the consumer’s best in order is a ‘Success Mantra’ for any company. IPO Corner is seen to work on this module where it is already filling and bridging a huge gap between the IPO market and the investors. The main USP of IPO Corner can be stated as providing resources to the investors which can shape their IPO investment decision on a positive note, that too without any charges or membership plans. Constant innovation of IPO Corner with the back support of an innovative and ambitious entrepreneur is shaping the success of IPO Corner quicker than its competitors. 

Brief on IPO Corner 

With an extensive and experienced team of researchers and financial analysts, IPO Corner provides not-to-be-missed information that is related to the IPO market of Indian for the investors and traders. IPO Corner has been a great resource to those investors who constantly search for the upcoming IPOs in India. IPO Corner comes up with a piece of everyday updated information on IPOs such as issue date, opening and closing date, allotment, and other basic as well as advanced details, which an investor much know before investing. 

Not only limited to it, but IPO Corner also owns an online knowledge center, known as ‘IPO University’, where new investors, who are new to the IPO market and IPO investment in India can know about ‘how-to’ factors of the stock market in India. IPO Corner has now become one of the most demanded and single platform for any type of resources in the stock market of India, whether it is for knowledge purpose or investment-related purpose. Not limited to this, IPO Corner also provides time to time expert analyst views and suggestions of IPOs and stocks with the latest news and updates as well as broker reviews, to help the investors directly in beginning their journey with IPO investment in India. An investor can find an answer to any type of query related to IPO or stock market, which is difficult to find on any other portal. 

If you are also keen to invest in the stock market or upcoming IPOs in India, embrace your investment journey with IPO Corner. 



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