The time has now come for us all to surge Together Ahead! The youth who till yesterday were our ‘Future’, are today our ‘Present’! As Nepali from across the world return home we need to welcome them back so that we can surge ahead to build the Nepal of our aspirations! These are truly inspirational words of Mr. Anil Shah in the recent campaign launch by Nabil Bank.

What better time than this when not just Nepal but the whole world is going through a catharsis, every nation is looking inwards and trying to figure out their strengths to be able to build a better tomorrow. This communication, based on integrity and truth, is positioned to boost the morale of the nation and its youth. The inspirational and motivational message has been created to energize the positive vibes necessary to build a self-sufficient nation.

What does this piece of communication tell us? As we all know and according to the Nepal Government, millions of Nepali youth are staying abroad pursuing their career or education. Because of the pandemic and the global economic recession, many of them are expected to return home sooner.

Nabil Bank is the nation’s first private sector bank; they have always come forward in delivering excellence to the nation in an array of avenues for last 36 years. Nabil Bank is fully aware of what a huge task it is for the nation to give these returnees dignity and economic stability amidst this crisis, when the nation itself is reeling from a host of challenges. But the bank also believes that this is an opportunity to build a robust new Nepal if we move ahead together.

Each individual citizen of this country needs to engage themselves in ensuring that their brothers and sisters are taken care of upon their return, and are then accommodated in our society as they return with good exposure. The returning youth have gained a range of expertise through their work experiences abroad. We should create an atmosphere which nurtures their expertise and build an environment for self-employment. This alone can turn the crises into an opportunity and make the country robust and self-sufficient in the days ahead.

Through this piece of communication, the leading banker, Mr. Anil Shah, CEO of Nabil Bank and a true supporter and motivator of youth empowerment shares his beliefs. He says, the youth who till yesterday were our ‘Future’, are today our ‘Present’. He appeals to the Nation, and to its citizens, to come together and work with the youth towards the common goal of building a New Nepal by moving Together Ahead.

This campaign is conceptualized by CREO.



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