ICL Group Ltd, a leading global specialty minerals and specialty chemicals company will soon start the supply of Polysulphate® in India. It is a multi-nutrient mineral fertilizer, available in its natural state, mined in the UK.  It has four nutrients Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium, and Calcium. It has special nutrient release pattern and unique performance attributes that increase its nutrient efficiency for high productivity. ICL is the world’s sole producer of Polysulphate. 

Polysulphate is an ideal natural source of potash and all secondary nutrients for all crops, especially Sugarcane, Banana, oil seeds, cereals, pulses and other field vegetables & fruit crops. It is particularly suitable for crops which prefer low levels of chloride in the soil, such as grapes and other fruits, and where higher dry-matter is desired as in Potatoes. It is a versatile product; suitable for all kind of crops and all types of soils. It has a neutral pH and very low salinity index.  



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