#FlushtheVirus Campaign by CYDA


CYDA with the support of UNICEF began its FlushtheVirusOut Campaign in Yerwarda. With 130,000 population and 25,000 households spread across 62 slum settlements had almost 900 positive people in second week of June. The campaign began with identifying volunteers, building awareness among people to use masks and distances, steps taken to improve Community Toilets, ensuring water and cleanliness as well as work with toilet Care takers.

CYDA brought in organisations like Persistent foundation and Tree Foundation to support sodium hydrochloride sanitization of the entire area. Later Ward office supported the volunteers with Oximeter and checking of senior citizens. Symptomatic patients were taken immediately for treatment or isolation. Handwash facilities and water availabilities ensured.

Almost 3500 ration kits supplied with support of other organisations to care takers, people with disability, needy people in the community. 36 Volunteers worked relentlessly. Yerwada has shown that with Community participation, Civil Society facilitation CSRs Collaboration and with Government support (CCCG) we can easily Flush the Virus Out. Today Yerwada has only less than 80 positive persons- Just a Step towards Green Zone. Please do not forget the important “ C”, centre to this campaign – the Caretakers!.



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