How Digit Insurance is fast tracking COVID claims



  • Digit Illness Group Insurance covers hospitalization expenses on positive detection of COVID 19, with other features like No Room Rent capping and Pre/Post hospitalization expenses
  • Over 12 lakh lives insured
  • To settle the claims faster, Digit has provided a 24×7 helpline as per regulatory requirement, created a special team and is also collaborating with TPA Medi Assist to smoothen COVID claims through better coordination with hospitals.


Pune : Go Digit General Insurance Limited, one of the fastest-growing general insurance company in India, had launched its Group Insurance product which covered COVID illness in light of the pandemic becoming a threat for the nation. The insurance offers a cushion against COVID-19, in case of positive detection and hospitalization for the same.


With more than 3000 employers on board, Digit has covered more than 12 lakh lives. Companies from various industries like Auto, E-commerce, FMCG, Financial services, Travel, Hospitality & more, have covered their employees under this product.


With India becoming the world’s 3rd highest affected nation, the Company has started getting claims under this cover. And their aim has been to fast track these claims to comfort customers during these trying times.

The steps taken by them include:

  1. Digit’s has a 24*7 helpline to register claims as per IRDAI’s guidance
  2. It has allocated dedicated teams in the claims department to address COVID claims on priority
  3. The TPA for Digit, MediAssist, has hospital coordinators for a smoother process


We are facing one of the toughest crisis seen in recent history. And our product is aimed to help people and companies to navigate through the same with some financial cushioning. We have started seeing claims for this product and we are ensuring these are given utmost priority with a smooth customer experience. We, along with our TPA partner, are assisting the customer as much as possible with the hospital coordination as well, which is one of the biggest concerns in such a time.” Jasleen Kohli, Chief Distribution Officer, Go Digit General Insurance Limited




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