The threat of a sudden attack by Pakistan : Colonel (Retd) Anil Athalye


Even if an incident happens in India, as simple as road accidents, the Pakistani politicians and the military are overjoyed; But with such a tense situation on the Indo-China border in Ladakh, the Pakistani media and its politicians are silent. It’s amazing that they’ve accepted the secret. Therefore, there is a strong suspicion that Pakistan may be considering sudden action against India. Weapons and helicopters suitable for fighting militarily in mountainous areas have been brought to the Chinese border. Pakistan is likely to take advantage of India’s situation. If Pakistan invades the mountainous region of Jammu and Kashmir, it will not be easy for us to respond.

Most of India’s air power is attached to the Chinese border. In any case, we can take military action against Pakistan on the ground. If Pakistan wants to do something in Kashmir, then taking action in Punjab may be India’s answer. We did this in the 1965 war; But there are fears the attack could turn into a nuclear war if it attacks Pakistan’s mainland. Pakistan is likely to take full advantage of it. China’s action in Ladakh could only be an attempt to help Pakistan. Of course, our Naidal is far superior to Pakistan. So we have the option of using Naidul against Pakistan. What many may not know is that during the Kargil war, the Indian Naidal had warned of an attack on Pakistan’s coast.
We have to fight on two fronts, China and Pakistan. For that, we have to create the mindset of ordinary citizens. The threat of a surprise attack by Pakistan should be taken into account.



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