Marching ahead towards digital revolution


By Sikta Mukherjee

Kolkata: The day 3 of the #MediaNext 2020 organized by the Kolkata-based Adamas University had industry leaders from the field of short films and digital entertainment. It was an absolute enriching experience for the media students across many universities in India, as they listened to the stalwarts speaking on the forum about the future of web entertainment and the impact of Covid 19 on it.

The conclave is being organized in association with Sharda University, Birla Global University, DME, AIMEC, Lok Samvad Sansthan, exchange4media, ABP Education and The mega conclave is being organized over a period of 10 days from June 1, 2020 to June 10, 2020. Each day of the conclave focuses on one specialized domain of the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry and the impact of the Covid -19 pandemic on that specific domain.

Anjali Rania, the commercial head of Ullu Digital was quite optimistic about the future of OTT platforms. She spoke about the marketing strategies which the OTT giant Ullu has been practicing. Also she emphasised that web entertainment is the fastest growing sectors in terms of revenue. She reiterated that the need of today’s OTT platforms is a good storyline and content which can grab eyeballs. Nothing else matters. 

Digital revolution

Speaking about the change the country is going through digitally she said, “Our country is going through a digital revolution. The average consumer’s growing affinity to digital platform is forcing the producers to rethink the old parameters of entertainment consumption, revenue generation. The media industry is expected to reach new heights by 2025. In the next 5 years the digital industry and the new technologies will be on a peak.”

She told the listeners that web entertainment has gone through major transformation and is creating new kind of revenue generating models. Also the OTT platforms are trying to capture data on user experiences to be able to capture more audience and earn more profits. Ullu tries to promote content that is for the masses, in order to reach more people.

She emphasised on the need for companies to learn more about what their users needs as that is the only way OTT platforms will evolve in future, to make a mark on the web entertainment industry. She said, “The expectations of the viewers have to be met, in any condition.”

Engagement of audiences

“Any genre of content will work on OTT platform, but the content has to be capturing, having the right twist and turns. The OTT platforms have a good future and we look forward to keep producing good content”, she said. She gave some hard core data about the thriving entertainment industry which proved the scope of further growth. Also, she articulated about the lion’s share which the digital sphere will have in the entertainment sector.

The OTT platforms are gaining more subscriptions and the content is being appreciated by audiences. She told that researchers say that by the end of the year 2020, the every person living in developed countries will have at-least 4 OTT platform subscriptions each, and that is phenomenal. She touched upon the strategies which the OTT platforms adopt to attract audience. Another interesting trend is the shift in peak consumption hours especially during the night. 

It was a great learning experience and her talk gave media students insight into the world of OTT platforms and what skills to gather for becoming industry ready.

Ullu Digital

Ullu is a Streaming Platform that allows customers to watch a wide variety of Web Series, Movies and exclusive Ullu Shows.

Her journey

Anjali Raina serves as Commercial Head – Ullu Digital having over 19 years of experience. Her key role is to provide commercial and contract management support to ensure commercial interests are optimised. She has also led the Training & Development team for CXO positions in MNCs.

Prior to joining Ullu Digital, she managed the human resources function in small to mid-size companies in industries including aviation, financial services, logistics and education. Health care, marketing, and financial services. Her areas of expertise included compliance and best practices, HR infrastructure, and policy and procedure development.



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