Jamat-e-Islami Hind donates Rs 15.50 lacs to migrants

Atmanirbhar Humanity


The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of disaster and calamity, Covid-19 the pandemic disease which within short span spread across world and affected 145 countries, if we talk about India at present we have 1,65,799 corona cases and 4711 people have died till now, it has disrupted economic activities and normal life of every citizen came to halt.

Amid this outbreak larger section of Indian population especially daily wage earners who have migrated from their home town to other cities in search of livelihood have suffered a lot and still we hear various tragic stories in daily news and TV channels. Mismanaged Government policies lack of preparation and apathy has created further complications for these poor migrant labours.  As a guardian of every citizen it was duty of Government to take care of livelihood of migrant labours as they have lost jobs and don’t have a single penny to buy one time meal.

Amid this pandemic; humanity didn’t wait for anyone to come for help, many individuals, institutions and NGO’s came forward from various segment of society to help needy people and we can call it as Atmanirbhar Humanity.

Jamat-e-Islami Hind the religious institution from Delhi having branch in Camp Pune have set an example which is worth noting and has got national relevance too. Without waiting for the help from Government this institution initiated their relief work from 21stMarch itself just one day before lockdown, considering after effects of lockdown they sensed further disasters and focussed on slums like Upper Bibvewadi, Indira Vasti, Lohia Nagar, Patil Estate, Chudaman Talim, Sayyed Nagar, Sasane Nagar, Kalwad Wasti, Ramtekdi, Dais Plot, Wakad & Shikrapur Industrial area.

A team of 12 members done a survey of each area and they divided migrant labourers into three major categories like 1) Household having two members are given Rs 500/-,  2) House hold of four members given Rs 1000/- and a 3) Household of five plus members were given Rs 1500/-.  A helpline numbers were shared among all who are living in slums. This amount is not given just one time, in various places it is repeated as per request and most unique and beautiful part of this initiative is, it is open for all people. Till now an amount of Rs 15,50,000/- is distributed among migrant workers, it was the first phase and still collection is going on for second phase as well. All the contributors for this noble initiative are individuals, business people, doctors, owners of educational institutions and people who are staying outside India.

Apart from this Jamat-e-Islami Hind is distributing Arsenic Album 30 in Pune Cantonment area and Bhavani Peth free of cost to each household and police officials also who are working in this area. Arsenic Album 30 is a homeopathic medicine which is used to boost immunity. Like migrant labours there are outstation students who hail from regions like Jalgaon, Nanded and Nagpur who are stuck in Pune, the institution provided them food two times in day for twenty days.



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