Veteran actress Ashvini Bhave who is shell shocked  post Irrfan’s sudden demise  reminces her collaboration with Irrfan. Very few know that Ashvini has worked with Irrfan in a film ‘ Purush’ released in 1994  which was directed by Rajan Kothari. Purush was based on a Marathi play titled Purush by Jaywant Dalvi.

The cast comprised of  Om Puri, Irfan Khan, Chandrakant Gokhale and many other Marathi actors. It was early in Irrfan’s career, probably one of his first few films. ” We had shot the film in Wai. Irrfan played my Boyfriend… I have a very vivid memory of a scene we shot. A  boat sequence in a water dam near Wai. I still recollect Irrfan to be a reserved person then.  A couple of years ago we  happened to board the same aircraft. This was before he was detected with cancer.

I was coming back from a shoot in India and he was traveling to Los Angeles for the screening of his Hollywood film ‘Life of Pi’.  He was very excited about the film”.

Ashvini added,” I am deeply saddened by his sudden demise. Irrfan  was one of the finest actors in the Indian film industry. I have seen almost all of his films including his International projects too. He was an incredible actor and Human”.


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