Impact of Corona on education


Covid -19 shall have far reaching impact on higher education. “Entrance tests for engineering and architecture will get delayed” says Dr. Swati Mujumdar, Pro chancellor- Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, Pune.

Students are likely to confused about eligibility for admissions to various courses in absence/delays of entrance tests and related decisions of Government. Payment potential shall get affected due to jobs getting lost, pay cuts, layoffs, sectors getting closed. Students taking Bank loans for funding education may increase with affordability going down. Students and parents maybe more inclined towards low fee courses, short term courses, online learning for quick re-skilling options. Hostel admissions may go down as out of city students may not come due to corona threat and affordability-parents will prefer their children staying at home and educating locally. Placements will see huge dip but free internships may increase.

On the positive side number of students going abroad for masters may decline and therefore may look at options locally. Working professionals who may lose jobs or likely to lose job may look at re-skilling short term courses.

New age technologies will emerge significantly and thus demand for courses in these technologies will rise. The need of being equipped to run these courses at own premises will be dire need of the future. Institutes and Universities like Symbiosis Skills Universities running such skill-based courses is gearing up to meet the requirement of the parents , students and society at large.


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