The Legend of Buddha


The Legend of BuddhaI have noted before that some of the best tellings of the life of the Buddha have been animation films, and here we have another one, this time it seems to have been made in Singapore.

The story is the familiar one, retracing the birth, youth and renunciation of Siddhartha and his eventual awakening at the foot of the Bodhi tree. It continues with a few relevant stories from after the Awakening also. It then brings things up-to-date in the closing section.

The story, in outline, is fairly close to the traditional stories, only changing things occasionally to make them fit into the narrative. The details and dialogue are looser, but relate the story in a meaningful way for a modern audience.

The animation itself is attractive and well drawn, and the voicing of the characters is excellent. It also has well written songs which punctuate the action, and the film is a great success.


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