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* Pro Vice Chancellor at Adamas University * Former Dean, School of Media, Pearl Academy, Delhi & Mumbai * Former Dean, Amity University, Mumbai. * Former Director, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication & Dean, SIU, Pune. * Former Dean, Whistling Woods School of Communication, Mumbai. * Former Media Adviser, Textiles Ministry, GOI; The Nippon Foundation & WHO, India.

Ten Reasons Decoding Bengal Assembly Results

By Prof Ujjwal K Chowdhury The results are on expected lines (213 leads+wins for TMC and 77 leads+wins for BJP while writing this piece). In...

Eight Questions on Hathras Heinous Rape-Murder: Ask, or Else the Crime Spreads Further

By Professor Ujjwal K Chowdhury :  With every passing day, we are falling to newer depths as a nation. Crimes, especially in the largest province...

Farm Acts : Informing The Farmers : What Next?

Prof Ujjwal K Chowdhury : The dice is thrown. The farm bills are acts now. There are at least nine challenges of these twin acts...

PMSpeak: Extended Lockdown Rational, but with Several Riders

The Prime Minister of India has extended the current lockdown in the country till May 3, 2020, with a rider that after April 30,...

COMBAT COVID-19: What should the Governments do?

The battle against Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19 is not just a healthcare battle. It is at three levels and developing nations like those...

Delhi Burning : Who Is Responsible

A riotous situation has engulfed Delhi, specially the Muslim majority areas. Apart from some lives lost (last reported 16, including that of a policeman),...

AAP Win Again: Why? What Next?

No second thought. Development agenda won against divisive agenda. The benefits of water, power, health, education, transport, doorstep services, local roads and bridges received...

Delhi Elections: Rare Spectre of Favourite Incumbents

The incumbent, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), is asking for votes in the name of the free water and power given to every family up...

Jharkhand Lessons; Bihar & Bengal Possibilities

The latest defeat of BJP in Jharkhand polls has a lot to delve deep into to understand the reasons of the results and what...

State versus Civil Society:
Anti CAA-NRC Dissent

Dissent is integral to any democracy. More so in India, as the larger section of the masses have nothing to lose but their poverty...

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